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22" MX5 Forged Tesla Wheel


MX5 2290 2210 MB

The MX5 forged aftermarket Tesla Model X wheel is engineered specifically for the X owner who wants to retain factory tire sizes, but gain functionality by increasing wheel strength, saving weight and retaining maximum range. The MX5 Wheel set comes in a staggered size of 22x9.0" front and 22x10.0" rear.

The MX5 22x9.0" weighs approximately 38lbs, while the MX5 22x10.0" weighs approximately 38.4lbs. Each wheel is designed, engineered and made in California.

The MX5 wheel set is approximately 3% lighter than the Tesla 22" Turbine staggered wheel set.

#ALLORIGINAL = T Sportline is all about factory compatibility. Tesla Model x owners can use a factory Tesla center cap, factory lug nuts, factory TPMS and factory tires on our MX5 22" forged wheel.

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