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Model S Door Handle Rebuild Kit/Service


***Due to incredible demand new orders will be shipping on July 16th.

Model S Door Handle failures have been a common and aggravating issue for a long time now. Under warranty the answer is simple; call the service center, and schedule an appointment for replacement. However many cars are coming out of warranty and the replacement parts are becoming hard, if not impossible to come by. Tesla is no longer supporting the 1st and 2nd Gen door handles. This requires an expensive retrofit to the 3rd Gen handle in upwards of $1000.00 per handle. It also requires a special calibration that only the service center can perform.

EV Tuning Solutions has put together a comprehensive kit to help any DIY person to completely rebuild their door handle. The kit includes a stronger machined stainless steel gear, new e-clip for retaining the pivot gear on the shaft, Original Equipment Panasonic replacement micro-switches, push nuts to hold the vapor barrier securely, and new door panel clips. 

Replacement parts:

The gear is made from machined stainless steel instead of cast. This ensures it's both stronger and more robust than the cast piece Tesla uses.

Replacement for 1042845-00-A Paddle/Pivot Gear

Original Equipment Panasonic switches from Japan were sourced.

Replacement switches for existing 1016009-00-C Harness.

Replacement hardware for commonly broken items were included to ensure you don't start the job and get stuck with your door apart.

1025401-00-A X 9 Door Panel Clips

1067906-00-A x 4 Vapor Barrier Retainers

Optional Rebuild Service

If you're comfortable with removing your door handle but don't feel confident with rebuilding it you can ship it to us and we will go through and rebuild it for you and ship it back. (avoids any firmware mismatch errors you would get from buying a used handle online)


Our good friend Rich has put together a great comprehensive video on how to rebuild the door handle from scratch.

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